Creating A Brand

Sometimes, after you’ve earned trust and respect, a client will throw you the keys and say, “take it.” The client gave III Inc. a business idea, and three weeks later, they pulled up with a shiny new brand. From the name to the logo to the packaging, the language, the imagery, the recipe names, the social activity, III Inc. ran free, and the results speak for themselves.

Celebrating A Landmark

It sounds like an easy task. Throw a party for a brand that’s 50 years old. But III Inc. took a different approach for Pickle Barrel’s anniversary. We celebrated the success of everyone who helped them get there, decade by decade. It was a big party featuring a new menu every few months, a pile of social posts, apparel for charity, CRM, and a brand ad that made everyone proud.

Behaving Like Brands

Virox Technologies is a leader in biosecurity. But in a highly competitive market, where differentiation is everything, strategy and execution are essential tools to keep an edge. III Inc. brings that discipline and focus to all our projects in the Virox portfolio by making products behave like brands with creativity seldom seen in the category.

Updating An Icon

You don’t mess with success, but even icons deserve upgrades. So III Inc. dug into what consumers loved most about this beloved destination and brought it to the forefront, creating a brand guide that allowed the new look to come to life from the tabletop to the television.

Building On Success

The landscape is filled with fly-by-night developers peddling sub-par services. So when a builder with integrity and attention to detail comes along, it’s our job to break through the wall of shoddy work and demonstrate true quality. III Inc. magnified the details and boldly celebrated true craftsmanship.

Seeing Another Side

Everyone has an idea about the game of golf, and III Inc. challenged common perceptions of the sport for two separate clients. For the Ontario Golf Superintendents Association, we shone a light on the fact that courses are ecosystems, preserved and protected. For Marine Drive, we told the story of how the legacy of a course can inspire a player to challenge themselves.

Three For All

You get what you give; that’s why giving back is an integral part of our business.  III Inc. channels its own time, money and resources to help make a difference. Our people have helped start a movement to ease food insecurity which broke multiple Guinness book records. They’ve helped change the conversation around cancer in Canada. And, together, III Inc. has created campaigns and platforms to help causes that deserve a louder voice.

Changing Social Change

Kambeo is a riff on the Spanish word for change. III Inc. created the name and positioning around changing the way we change the world. Kambeo supports charities and volunteers with tools to transform how they raise money, communicate, and manage. III Inc. created a logo that mirrored a platform, using it as a podium to illustrate how Kambeo could support its clients.

Making An Introduction

Even an international brand can’t simply waltz into a market without understanding it and why they need to be there. Inver is no exception. III Inc. drew a clear picture of the marketplace and a distinct strategy for the brand to endear itself to brand-loyal Canadians with high service expectations.

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